CPA launches a campaign to warn consumers against companies providing products harmful to health and safety

CPA Chairman: a famous company has breached the terms and conditions of food production by selling products unregistered at the Ministry of Health. CPA effectively exerts efforts in cooperation. In the light of CPA’s efforts, in cooperation with regulatory bodies, to monitor the markets and combat all harmful practices, as commercial fraud, lack of commitment to quality standards - though being a consumer fundamental right- as well as practices creating false- and misleading or confusing consumer impression, CPA Chairman Atef Yacoub stated that CPA had an inspection campaign on “Imtenan” Health Shop branches. It was revealed that the Company was producing, presenting and selling unlicensed food products.          
Yacoub mentioned that by referring back to the National Nutrition Institute (NNI), being the authority entrusted with registering food products, it was found that some products were registered while 15 were not. Also, some products read “Special Nutritional Product Licensed by Ministry of Health” and in fact are not registered at NNI and the license number is incorrect. 
CPA Chairman further added that the Company falsely claimed the obtainment of ISO9001 and HACCP 1719 System certification. It also put “Natural Honey Butter” on the honey packages, although the proportion of fats and oils in natural honey is so low that no large amounts could be separated in the form of neither Butter nor cream, thus misleading consumers.
In addition, he affirmed that CPA is paying due concern to protect consumers from harmful practices to health and safety, via the adoption of “prevention is better than cure” policy. To elaborate, CPA follows proactive procedures- based on established facts - to raise the consumers’ awareness of some harmful goods or products and to seize counterfeit goods and that of unknown origin prior to being sold to consumers. Yacoub emphasized on CPA tracking of such actions, in cooperation and coordination with all concerned bodies  aiming to combating goods of unknown origin or non-conforming to specified standards and health requirements. As such goods affect consumer interests, health and safety besides harming the national economy by promoting low quality goods and services on the account of the ones that abide to high quality and specifications. 
Yacoub has called upon consumers to assist CPA by reporting any complaints in order to be capable of taking required procedures against violators and to monitor the markets. In addition, he referred to the facilitated means of sending complaints to CPA through the numerous methods provided.  Namely,  the hotline number 19588, post offices found across the Republic that have CPA prepared complaint form to be filled and sent free of charges, consumer protection associations located in all governorates or finally via  the  CPA website 


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