The Consumer Protection Agency of Egypt (CPA) acquired both civil and judicial mandates by law # 67 that was issued in 2006.  The civil obligation is represented in its ability to foster the culture of consumer protection using different tools, monitor trade activities and take legal actions against violations. CPA is currently supervised by the Minister of Supply & Internal Trade. The agency coordinates with all market regulators as well as international organizations.
The criminal mandate includes random and specific inspection actions, access to information sources related to complaints under examination, whether available at governmental or non-governmental 3rd parties. CPA is entitled to take the cases to court through the Egyptian public prosecutor who proceeds to the economic court
Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade exerts strenuous efforts to monitor markets and secure commercial transactions. CPA seeks to organize the existing trader-consumer relationship, in a framework of an extensive system in collaboration with regulatory authorities; therefore the agency took the initiative to establish the High Committee for market surveillance and regulation. More details about this committee are found at the News link.
 The good-will cooperation from the businesses side is expected to enhance market credibility and competitiveness against and national economy growth.