What is the role of the Consumer Protection Agency?

The Agency protects consumers by implementing the Consumer Protection Law in coordination with other governmental entities concerned with its implementation.

What is the Consumer Protection Law?

The Consumer Protection Law includes many articles that oblige traders to protect consumers, such as:

  • Consumers are entitled to find on all products the data required under the Egyptian standards. Such data must be placed in a clear and legible manner.
  • The consumer is entitled to receive, upon his request and without any additional charges, an invoice concerning the transaction or agreement related to the product, including in particular the date of the transaction or agreement, the price, specifications, nature, type, and quantity of the product.
  • The supplier shall, upon discovering a defect in his product, announce stopping its production and warn consumers not to use it. Upon the consumer’s request, the supplier shall replace the product, repair its defect or accept the returning of the product and pay back its price at no additional cost.